COA is doing something new and exciting this year.   Instead of our traditional Legislative Day in Sacramento, COA is bringing Advocacy Day to you!  

What:       COA's Central California Regional Advocacy Day 

Who:        CCOS / KCOS / TKOS
When:      April 22, 2017

·           7:00 pm - 8:00 pm: Cocktail Hour

·           8:00 pm - 9:30 pm: Advocacy Program

Where:     Bravo Farms - 400 N. Willis Ave., Visalia, CA
Speaker:  Assembly Member Rudy Salas

What’s New:  

  • Casual, Fun Programs

  • Saturday Evening Events

  • Allows for Better Attendance & Networking between students and doctors

  • One-on-One Time with Legislators

  • Tailored Programs for Societies

With this new format, there is no need to reschedule patients and students won’t miss classes!  Advocacy programs are being developed that will allow COA members to spend one-on-one, informal time with their legislators, thereby building more significant relationships with them. We will be able to tailor the programs to meet the needs of each society. COA encourages doctors and students who have not been able to travel to Sacramento for Legislative Day to come to one of these fun, regional legislative events and find out how easy it is for you to make a difference for your profession. 
Doctors of optometry and optometry students describe advocacy participation as:

  • Fun

  • Informative

  • Motivating

  • Eye-opening

  • Exciting

We need your help to support legislation that helps optometry and defeat measures that would hurt us. It is a proven fact that lawmakers’ opinions are swayed by their constituents.  Advocacy Day is the perfect opportunity to either build or fortify your relationship with lawmakers, which is critical for optometry’s legislative success. Plus, you get to engage with your colleagues.

Come one, come all! Whether you are a seasoned advocate or have never met with a lawmaker, come and be a part of history!  You will begin developing relationships with your lawmakers to protect the future of optometry. You will learn about legislation and regulations that impact your profession. 

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