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Message from Eye-Q

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Dear CCOS, 


“I don’t want to look like Kenny Rogers!” 

May he rest in peace, but I hear it every week. He got a blepharoplasty, but they did not fix his ptosis, so he had to lift his brows to clear his visual axis.  It made him look hollow and sleepy, not the Gambler that we all remember.


Welcome, to my world of eyelids.  It is interesting and rewarding with a few tough days sprinkled in for good measure.  You all see the patients before I do, so I want to give you a sense of what I look for and what you can do to help them see their best.  


“I can’t believe how much I was missing!”  This is a regular comment from my post-blepharoplasty patients.  They routinely report that they see better, and feel more confident when driving.  The drooping excess skin can be so gradual that they do not even realize it is happening.  They are busy leading their lives, and they may need you to point it out to them  

How can you tell if the patient qualifies for an insurance approved blepharoplasty?  

Does the lid skin touch the eyelashes? If yes, then insurance will likely cover it.  


35% of my surgery patients are men.  Gossip aside, men will do their lids.  But it also means that 15% are not getting a surgery that will help them see better.  These men need to know that it is not just a  cosmetic surgery.  


On a cosmetic note, “How do I get rid of my bags?”  The lower lid blepharoplasty is a surgery that I enjoy tremendously.  It has taken years to learn the nuances, and I am constantly trying to improve it, but a happy patient makes it all worthwhile.  “I love my eyes!” is a quote that I love to hear.  


Thank you all for supporting my practice for these last 18 years.  I appreciate the referrals, and I always strive to give your patients the best care.  


Three cheers to a great 2022 for you and your patients!



Dr. Waldrop


The MedSpa at EYE-Q


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