Optometry Equipment for Sale (Posted April 2019)

3 frame boards in great shape for sale. Currently in storage.

If interested, contact Alessandra at 818-800-5616 with any offer.


Optometry Equipment for Sale  (Posted December 2018)


Dr. Dennis Chinn is selling his Fashion Display Unit frame boards.  Please see photos below and contact Dr. Chinn's office if you are interested.

Contact information is dennischinnod@gmail.com, 559-224-8302.  His office is located at 5151 N. Palm.  





























Optometry Equipment for Sale - Practice Closing (Posted May 2018)

I'm closing my Kerman office and selling off some of my equipment. I'd like to see if anyone locally wants any of it. Here are the large ticket items:


  • Marco CP-670 projector with tabletop and wall mounts

  • Marco RT-2100 refraction system

  • Marco LM1200 autolensometer

  • Marco ARK-760A


  • Marco Chair and stand Model numbers 5100 and 5105

  • Topcon SL-3E slit lamp 

  • B&L Keratometer 


  • AO M603B manual lensometer


I'd like to sell the Marco refraction system, lensometer, ARK, projector together. Its EHR ready and comes with the cables.

It would be nice to sell the chair, stand, keratometer, and slit lamp together. 

If interested please contact Dr. Chris Fisher at drfisher@signatureoptometry.com


Optometry Equipment for Sale - Practice Closing (Posted July 2017)

Dr. Robert Wayda is in the process of closing down his practice in Dinuba. He is selling everything. If you are interested, please contact him at docbob92@comcast.net, and he will email pictures of what is still available.

Dr. Wayda also has vision therapy equipment (Keystone telebinocular, boxes of stereographic test targets, etc.) that he would be willing to give away to a society member if anyone is interested.  Pictures available upon request.  

Optometry Equipment for Sale - One Price for All (Posted November 2016)

I'm a former optometrist who was critically hurt in an accident three years ago.  I can no longer practice, and have the following equipment for sale.

  • Tycos sphygmomanometer, Model CC0050, lifetime certification

  • Prestige Medical stethoscope, model 122

  • Welch Allyn BIO model 12500

  • Two transformers for above BIO:  model 74390

  • Lens kit (don't know the brand) but it is standard ophthalmic equipment, missing one +2.00 lens.  Has trial frame and flipper-type trial frame.

I would like to sell everything for one price (basically, make an offer).  I devoted many years of my life to optometry, as you have, but can't use the equipment any more.  It would make excellent "second exam room" or "second office" equipment, or even a spare for your main office.


Please make an offer for this equipment.  Since I can't practice any longer, I'm willing to take almost any offer; I still have a love for the patients and optometry in general, so I don't want to see these instruments sit idle.


Dr. Patrick Lonowski

1900 Oakdale Rd

Modesto, CA 95355