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Legislative Advocacy

How often do you use drops to dilate the eyes?  How often do you prescribe a medication for your patients?  These are privileges that we enjoy everyday but often times we take them for granted.  If we could go back in time, we would see a different type of optometry with a very limited scope of practice.  It is important for us to remember that we owe our expanded scope of practice to the many optometrists before us that have dedicated their time, energy and contributions towards moving our profession forward.  It is now our turn to give back to our profession. 

How do we protect our profession and move it forward?

Optometry is a legislated profession. Unfortunately, this means local and national politicians have a direct and long-term effect on how we practice optometry.  COA’s and AOA’s political action committees (PACs) give the optometric profession the ability to identify lawmakers who will value and fight to protect our profession. Please do your part by making contributions to COA-PAC and AOA-PAC to ensure your voice is heard.

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